Friday, August 30, 2002

I'm heading to my grandparents' for the weekend this afternoon so there won't be any more posts until late Monday afternoon. But don't worry, to tide y'all over I present "Larry King Alive" featuring a debate between William F. Buckley, Jr. and H. Ross Perot. Enjoy!

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Rod Dreher at NRO chimes in on The Real Beverly Hillbillies:

It should be noted that when this program starts taping, America will probably be at war. It will not be sons of network executives fighting and dying for this country's liberty and security; it will be the sons of the farmers, the coal miners, and the factory workers, a disproportionate number of them — the white ones, at least — from low-income, southern homes. Young men from Appalachian hollers may die while CBS Television executives make money condescending to and insulting their people.

Amen, brother.
While we're on the topic of Green Acres

During the mid-1990's, a vinyl siding company called Ledco (Leadco?) would sponsor weekend afternoon movies. You know, the kind where they will show 2 minutes of the movie for every 7 minutes of commercial segments telling you how crucial their product is to the survival of Western Civilization. And in this commericals promoting the virtues of vinyl siding was Tom Lester, who played "Eb" on the Green Acres series and is a native Mississippian. What was so memorable about these ads was the "Ledco Shuffle," a silly little dance that Mr. Lester would do. Some of the commericals would start with him saying "Well, it's ol' Eb here doin' the Ledco Shuffle." I remember these ads greatly annoying me...
Slap my knee and call me Suzie!

Geitner Simmons comments on a proposed "Beverly Hillbillies" reality show:

I winced today when I saw a report in the Washington Post that CBS plans a reincarnation of the "Beverly Hillbillies" using an Osbournes-like approach: putting real poor-white Southerners into a millionaire mansion in Beverly Hills.

So they can be laughed at, of course.

Not to be outdone, Fox is purported to be in the works of a reality show based on the "Green Acres" concept, with a upper-class family or celebrity moving into the sticks. If they choose a celebrity, please let it be one of the PETA-supporting leftist. Imagine this question be posed at the Sticksville grocery store, "Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me where the no-fat, low calorie, tofu-burgers are?" The comic potential is endless. A TV producer thinks the same:

"There's going to be wonderful humor in this show, as there is with anyone who's a fish out of water. It's like when the first George Bush went to the supermarket and (apparently) didn't understand what a scanner was. It's a fun thing to watch."

Well, almost thinks the same as me, since the George Bush scanner story is completely false.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Thanksgiving Surprise

The World Tribune reports that a US general told Israel that Persian Gulf War: The Next Generation will start in late November.
"You can be black and a Republican too!"

(via Magnolia Report)

Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Tomorrow's my birthday, so blogging is gonna to be slow to nonexistent (though some of y'all might ask "So, what'll be different?"). But I plan on commenting on a column in yesterday's Daily Mississippian, Ole Miss' student paper, concerning stem-cell research. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Monday, August 26, 2002

If there are any Internet terms, like DNS, MIME, or LAN, that you don't understand, simply visit the Webopedia.
Back in 1995, then RNC chairman Haley Barbour issued a challenge to the Democrats who were yelping that the Evil, Puppy-Kicking Republicans were gutting Medicare. If anybody could disprove the following statement, he would pay them $1 million:

"In November 1995, the U.S. House and Senate passed a balanced-budget bill. It increases total federal spending on Medicare by more than 50 percent from 1995 to 2002 based on figures from the Congressional Budget Office."

Some members of the Donkey Party actually took him up on the offer, especially Mississsippi 5th District Congressman, Gene Taylor. But this week, an appeals court threw out a suit brought by Taylor to collect the lucre. A judge stated that Barbour's statement was indeed accurate. Ahhh, the sweet fragrance of vindication.
Gratuitous Canada-bashing:

O, I wish I was stuck in the hills of Alberta
Drinking beer with some big, dumb guy trapping fur
As he scraped and chiseled all the moose dung off his boots
I would learn that he’s the Prime Minister.

From Mystery Science Theater 3000

Saturday, August 24, 2002

QBeez, perhaps one of the best games ever invented
For the Voyuers

Over on the left hand side on the blogroll, you'll notice that I've added links to the 3 public webcams on campus. And if look further, you'll see that I've moved the guest map from the bottom of the page to a more prominent position. So sign it please if you are so inclined.
A couple of quotes

"To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." --Teddy Roosevelt

Exhibit A: William Jefferson Clinton

"We Americans understand freedom; we have earned it, we have lived for it, and we have died for it. This nation and its people are freedom's models in a searching world. We can be freedom's missionaries in a doubting world." --Barry Goldwater
Camile Paglia chastises the Left:

The communications revolution has blurred traditional class lines. But the Left still doggedly invokes paradigms from early industrialisation, applicable today only to the Third World. It finds “oppression” under every rock and reduces contemporary society to rote battles of the “powerful” and the “powerless”.
"Satellites Show Overall Increases In Antarctic Sea Ice Cover"

Surely this is some phony piece of propaganda created by Bush Administration.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Kiwis say that they will not lend their fearsome and awe-inspiring millitary to an US led attack on Iraq. What an incredible setback.
"Bush: Musharraf 'Still Tight With Us' "

Prez sez: "He be like my homez; we jus love to chill wit each other, fo' real. We jus tight like dat."
"Miami Buys Ads to Instruct Voters "

Except from ad: You see this?!? This is a button, beside it is a name. If that is the name of the person you wish to vote for, PRESS THAT !@#$!@# BUTTON!!!! It's not that hard, trust us!
Think global warming is a scientific fact? Guess again nature-boy( or girl, or transgendered individual)...
A mayor in the Ever-Surrendering Republic of Frogland France has made it illegal for any of the townsfolk to die. The motive is that the town has run out of room for burial plots and the mayor is trying to buy time to find some more. I'm sure this search seriously cuts into his "denouncing America for being so arrogant" time.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I thought that he was already a cartoon.
"HHHHeeeeeerrrrrreeee'ssss Billy!"

There seems to be talks of a Bill Clinton show over at CBS. He'll never do a show since it would mean actually sticking to a filming schedule plus regular meetings. As President (and even today) he was known to be chronically late to just about anything that required his presence.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

"There's bad news and there's good news"

John Linder shellacs Bob Barr. This is not entirely surprising since the new 7th District they were vying for covers much of Linder's old district. Look for Barr to become "FOX News Analyst" On the bright side, Cynthia McKinney was trounced by Denise Majette for the 4th District seat.

McKinney offered only tepid support for Majette in the general election, saying she "will need our prayers to face the coming storm." She also blamed her loss on "massive Republican crossover" voting, which is allowed under Georgia's open primary system.

"It looks like the Republicans wanted to beat me more than the Democrats wanted to keep me," said McKinney, who was seeking a sixth term.

Good job Georgia Republican voters! A less nut job running loose in the House.

"A massive cold front swepts over the Underworld..."

Richard Dreyfuss writing in National Review? Yep. He manages to write quite a touching tribute to Charlton Heston.
The Princeton Review released its survey of the top 10 party schools in the nation, and sadly, Ole Miss didn't make the cut. Come on, Rebel frat monkeys, y'all can do better than that!

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Free advice

Matt Friedman gives tips to Rep. Ronnie Shows (D-MS) on how he can beat Rep. Chip Pickering (R-MS) in the race for the new 3rd District seat:

Second, Shows should promise that given the pro-life sensibilities of the district, he will cease the two-step of articulating his anti-abortion convictions while more than nullifying that position when voting for the House's pro-partial-birth-abortion leadership team.

It is exceedingly difficult to say that you willingly vote for Dick Gephardt and Al Gore and take money from feminist pro-abortionists like Hillary Clinton and then show up at debates attempting to reap pro-life voters.

Try this instead: Announce new voting habits and return Clinton's money.

Then show some spine and point out something a real pro-life Dem ought to: the appallingly disproportionate number of African-American babies dismembered by Mississippi abortionists.

Though, I'm afraid that ol' Ronnie Boy isn't gonna to listen to Mr. Friedman. A shame (giggle, giggle, giggle).
Back in Oxford, with a good bit of stuff to unpack. But, my roomrate isn't here yet, so I'll wait until he gets here to unpack completely and arrange things. Well, that's my excuse for loafing around here...

Thursday, August 15, 2002

If anyone cares

Well, I'm head back to Ole Miss Saturday, so I've been slacking off busy packing my stuff today. Actually I and my Dad will be leaving Friday morning to spend the night in Memphis (a 4 hour drive) with my aunt and uncle, and then leaving for Oxford in the morning (only an hour or so away from Memphis). So no posting on Friday and probably most of Saturday. But when I'm back at it, I'll be on blindingly fast T1 connection instead of this Warp 0.0000000015 modem, allowing me to blog more often without tying up the phone line. Maybe, just maybe, I'll offer more political analysis instead of whining about my encounters with Central Headquarters of All That Is Evil and Unholy, aka the DMV.
3 hours and 10 minutes...

That's how long I waited at the DMV to get my driver's license renewed yesterday; the actual process to renew took about 7 minutes. Gub'mint bureaucracy really cheeses me off. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

A hearty shout-out to Samantha, the first Ole Miss student to sign my guest map (scroll down to the bottom, on the right).
I came across The American President website in verifying for the Libertarian post which President ordered the attack on the Barbary States. It's basically a rather elaborate guide to the Presidents, though it stops at Clinton. Perusing the bios on Reagan and Coolidge (a true conservative's two favorite 20th Century Presidents) it appears James Carville has hacked the site.

On Coolidge:

"He also supported the Revenue Acts of 1924 and 1926, initiated by Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon, the wealthy Pittsburgh banker who favored tax cuts for the rich. These acts freed up private funds that fueled the speculation behind the stock market crash of 1929. To make matters worse, Coolidge fought farm relief legislation that might have shored up the depressed farm economy."

"In Latin America, Coolidge's administration supported economic imperialism. In 1928 Latin American countries were eager to denounce U.S. business practices, and Secretary [of State Charles] Hughes was barely able to dissuade them from passing a strong anti-U.S. resolution."

"Although the public had admired Coolidge during his time in office, the Great Depression turned public opinion against him. Many linked the nation's economic collapse to Coolidge's poor policy decisions. He refused to aid the depressed agricultural sector while thousands of rural banks in the Midwest and South were shutting their doors and farmers were losing their land. His tax cuts for the rich caused the mal-distribution of wealth and overproduction of goods, which destabilized the economy while putting 200 corporations in control of more than 50 percent of the nation's wealth. Although he regained some of his stature in the conservative 1980s, most historians look upon the Coolidge presidency with skepticism, ranking him among the lowest of American chief executives in terms of positive impact and legacy, however high he might stand in personal integrity."

On Reagan:

"Reagan succeeded in promoting the concept of less government and significantly reduced the rate of social spending on welfare programs while stopping inflation cold by 1984. But his refusal to raise taxes or to scale back on huge expenditures for defense produced a soaring deficit. During Reagan's term in office, the overall national debt tripled."

"Reagan’s foreign policy greatly facilitated the historic reforms that ultimately ended the Cold War with the Soviet Union. But the consequences of his economic programs left the nation burdened with an out-of-control deficit and an unequal distribution of wealth that greatly favored the very rich."

Also in Reagan's bio section, it states that Reagan was the first President since Eisenhower to win reelection. Umm, aren't we forgetting somebody?
Again from MCJ, we discover the World Peace Coin, minted from an actual Soviet nuclear missile.

From the coin website:

"A Peace and Friendship Commemorative (commissioned by the Soviet Peace Committee, established in 1949 as the first government sanctioned non-profit charitable organization) has been minted by the Soviet Moscow Mint with approvals of Ministries of Defense of the USSR and Ministries of Health of the USSR."

Under the Communist system, aren't all enterprises "non-profit," lest the good workers becames capitalist pigs? Still as pointed out by MCJ, isn't this a little behind the times?
As Promised

True to my word, here is a takedown of a piece of Libertarian nonsense. (My responses are in italics.)

Bush’s plan to launch invasion of Iraq is totally unjustified, Libertarians say

WASHINGTON, DC -- President Bush’s unfolding plan to invade Iraq is totally unjustified, Libertarians say, because that nation poses no direct threat to the United States.

Welcome to the wacky and fun filled world of libertarian foreign policy! Where the sentiment is “Sorry you live in a land of oppression, but while we proclaim ourselves defenders of liberty and freedom, we aren’t gonna lift a finger to help you out. None of our business and whatnot. “

“Before the president risks the life of even one American soldier, he needs a reason, not an excuse,” said Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party executive director. “Unless the United States is at risk of an Iraqi military attack, Bush’s proposal to invade that nation should be denounced for what it is: reckless foreign interventionism.”

Reason, not an Excuse #1: Read this interview with Iraqi defector Khidir Hamza
Reason, not an Excuse #2: Read Richard Perle’s article
Reason, not an Excuse #3: Read Michael Kelly’s article

Yet a full-blown war against Iraq appears inevitable, according to administration sources, after reports on Wednesday that all of Bush’s top national security advisors agree on the need to topple the Iraqi dictator. The most likely scenario involves using 200,000 U.S. ground, air, and naval troops to invade Iraq as early as the winter of 2003.

Sounds about right.

But one crucial fact has been ignored in the debate, Libertarians say: Saddam has not committed an act of aggression against the United States.

It’s called “pre-emption,” you Rothard-worshipping fellows. Saddam isn’t sinking billions of dollars into developing nuclear bombs to frighten Bedouins. Wouldn’t it be prudent to end Saddam now while has still yet to completely create weapons of mass destruction rather than wait to attack after he has used them to cause the deaths of Americans? What’s that? He won’t use them because if he does he knows his regime would be extinguished by the US military? Perhaps he found a way to deliver harm the US without knowing it was him that built the weapon. Ladies and gentlemen, meet al-Qaeda. He could build a bomb and dispatch bin Laden’s henchmen to actually place and detonate the device.

“Wars that are not defensive are merely acts of aggression against sovereign nations,” Dasbach said. “And wars that are launched by presidents, rather than formally declared by Congress as the Constitution requires, are illegal.”

Thomas Jefferson, while he was President, didn’t ask Congress to formally declare war on the Barbary States, but he still sent US forces to teach them the folly of pirating our shipping vessels.

Moreover, while the U.S. government has made vague claims that the Iraqi regime has terrorist links, it has produced no public evidence specifically linking Saddam to the September 11 attacks, Dasbach pointed out.

I refer you back to Reasons, not Excuses #2 and #3

“Since Bush has no legitimate reason for waging war on Iraq, he has cobbled together a list of accusations, none of which provide sufficient justification for invading a sovereign nation and risking American lives,” he said. For example, Bush claims that:

* Saddam Hussein is a ruthless dictator. “True enough, but there are dozens of ruthless dictators around the globe, starting with Fidel Castro; the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia; the Chinese communists; and various tyrants sprinkled throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America,” Dasbach said. “Is Bush going to send troops to topple them all?”

If we do succeed in overthrowing Saddam Hussein in Iraq and replace his thugocracy with a constitutional democratic republic, it would show that Arabs can manage something besides corrupt despotism. Such a outcome would definitely encourage actual advocates of liberty (as y’all purport to be) in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Iran, etc. to topple their on suppressive governments?

According to Freedom House, an organization that tracks the status of democracy around the world, only 120 of the world’s 192 nations are electoral democracies, Dasbach noted. “So unless Mr. Bush plans to launch strikes on the 72 other captive nations, he owes the American people an explanation as to why they should fear Iraq more than other despotic regimes,” Dasbach said.

Zimbabwe is ruled by the racist Robert “Kill the White Devil” Mugabe who is heck-bent on starving all of his people so that he and his cronies can live in luxury. But, I don’t think he has his hands on some ICBM’s. The same goes with a lot of sub-Saharan countries: ruled by evil socialist-leaning dictators, but with militaries only fit to oppress their people.

* Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. “According to the Pentagon, 12 countries have nuclear weapons programs, 13 have biological weapons, 16 have chemical weapons and 28 have ballistic missiles,” Dasbach said. “So what makes Saddam’s chemical weapons more menacing than, say, Pakistan’s nuclear bomb?

Here, Libertarian stupidity comes shining through. Pakistan hasn’t used its nuclear bombs ever, yet Saddam has gassed his own citizens. Has Pervez Musharaf invested hundreds of millions of dollars in developing biochemical weapons? And the last time I checked, Pakistan has been a fairly decent ally of ours since Musharaf took the reins.

* Saddam supports terrorism. “According to the State Department’s official list of terrorist sponsors, 45 nations have active al Qaeda cells,” Dasbach said. “So even if terrorists are operating inside Iraq, that in itself makes Iraq no more of a threat to the United States than Malaysia, Somalia, or the Philippines.”

The Philippines and Malaysia are democratic regimes with at least a modicum of respect for the rule of law. While I confess ignorance of Malaysia’s efforts, I do know that the Philippines has worked with the US in hunting down those radical Islamic terrorist cells. Al-Qaeda has no love for the Philippine government and native Islamists actively seek its downfall, so it’s in Manilia’s interest to crack a few of their skulls . In Somalia, there is no national government, no chemical weapons labs, and no military infrastructure to aid, arm and equip terrorists. It’s a good spot to hide without any local authorities snooping around. Besides, who said that we don’t have plans concerning Somalia?

The bottom line is that Bush’s wide-ranging indictment against Saddam Hussein is missing one key element: proof that Iraq poses a direct threat to the United States, Dasbach said.

There is proof, y’all just refuse to see it.

“Instead of struggling to find a justification for war, Mr. Bush should be looking for a way to avoid war – and avoid the needless loss of American lives that could result.”

“A pre-emptive strike against Hitler at the time of Munich would have meant an immediate war, as opposed to the one that came later. Later was much worse.”

--Richard Perle.
Oh I forgot, Perle is a blood-thirsty, war-mongering, cold-hearted neo-con. Never mind.
Midwest Conservative Journal highlight's this piece of libertarian drivel and general numb-skullery on Iraq. I promise a proper Fisking later this evening.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

"Get in my belly!"

C-SPAN showed a debate between Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire and his challenger for the Senate seat, Rep. John Sununu. I caught a few moments of it and one camera shot astonished me. It featured both Smith and Sununu side by side behind their podiums (podia? podii?) And man, Smith looked huge compared to the short and thin Sununu. At first, I thought Sununu was sitting down in a chair; but further inspectation revealed that Smith was indeed at least a foot taller and 120 pounds heavier than his challenger.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

The crowd grows uncomfortable when DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe proclaims, "I am the Chosen One!"
Free at last (for a week or so)

My tour of duty at the bagel shop ended Friday and tough I really liked my manager and my co-workers, I'm really glad to be officially out of the labor force for a while. Classes start back up a week from next Monday at Ole Miss where I'll be back to my supersonic-speed T1 Internet connection. Still, I've got plenty of things to do and not a lot of time putting off doing them (getting a haircut, getting driver's license renewed, going by the bagel shop to pick up last check and depositing said check into the bank, etc.)

With the job out of the way, hopefully I'll be able to blog s'more during this week.
I wish to address all the spammer's who clog my Hotmail account daily:

No, I don't want to....

1. Watch you prance around nekkid on your webcam.
2. Get 50% off Viagra or other "male enhancement" drugs and/or devices.
3. Abet imaginary Nigerians in laundering money from a deposed dictator with the only thing I have to do is give out my bank account info. ("I get millions of dollars if I just give you all my financial information? Where's the catch?") If you are going to try to bilk people out of their money with this sceme, at least stick to one name, Mr. Ababababa aka Mrs. Bebebebebebebe aka Dr. Ehieoaoda.

So, please, y'all, don't make me get my shotgun and hunt y'all down.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Gore wanted free tickets to see the Boss, but was snubbed.

Our favorite Alpha Male and his wife attempted to get complimentary tickets for themselves and their entire staff to one of Bruce Springsteen's shows, but were rejected. They were offered 4 tickets at $75 a pop which they promptly turned down. Ah, "For the people not the powerful." rings a little more hollow now.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Friday, August 02, 2002

"Now, don't be sad..."

...two out of three ain't bad. The final election results for Tennessee's 1st August primary are in and things are looking decent.

1. Van Hilleary, currently congressman for the 4th district, trounced Jim Henry, a former state legislator by nearly a 2 to 1 margin in the Republican primary for governor. Henry, as we were scolded by the media, was the sensible candidate for us Republicans to vote for, and not that stauch conservative Hilleary. What actually killed, embalmed, and buried Henry's campaign was the endorsement of Gov. Benedict Arnold Don Sundquist, a Republican who has tried for the past 2 years to cram a state income tax down the people's throat. Not only did Dandy Don support Henry, he said that Hilleary would make a terrible governor.

2. Marsha Blackburn, state senator from the Nashville suburb of Brentwood, laid the smack down on her many opponents in the race. Her main challenger was David Kustoff, a Memphis-area lawyer who head President Bush's campaign in TN. While "Vote for me because I know the President!" wasn't exactly his campaign slogan, it was pretty dang near close to it. With the primary over, Blackburn is a pretty sure bet to win in this heavily Republican district in November. (FYI, if Blackburn does win in the general, she will be the first woman U.S. Representative from Tennessee.)

3. The heartbreaker. 7th District Congressman Ed Bryant was defeated by former Governor Lamar! Alexander (43% to 54%, respectively). Plaid Man pullled it off, much to my consternation. Still, when it comes time to vote in the general election, I will select with clenched teeth Alexander. Alexander might not be the solid right-winger like Bryant, but he'll be far better that his Democratic opponent, Bob Clement. Want proof? How about this from the Tennessean:

Clement contends that the divisive GOP primary has wounded the Republicans. He said he expected conservative Republicans to cross party lines and vote for him in November.

''I don't think there's any doubt about it,'' he said in an interview last night. ''They've told me they will. A number of Bryant people all across the state have said that. And that's true with East Tennessee.''


''One, I don't think they trust Lamar. Two, they feel like he really hasn't been involved in the state in 20 years and really didn't stay in touch with a lot of people.

''And three, ideologically, philosophically, they disagree with him,'' Clement said.

Bobby, what have who been smoking? Yes, true conservatives aren't exactly thrilled about Lamar!, myself included, but they definitely aren't voting for you, pal. Who are these Bryant supporters that you say are going to cast their ballot for you? Some names would be helpful. Are you sure they exist in reality and not in your head? Of course, House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-MO) constantly quotes unnamed "friends" that support his views, like that billionaire businessman who opposed Bush's tax cut.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

From the top headline of the Tennessean OnDeadTree:

"Primary to thin candidates"

You mean they're losing weight?