Saturday, July 27, 2002

My dog Ann, aka Annie, Miss Ann, Annie Pannie, PeeMaster 3000, is curled up in my lap right now. That makes me think that Charlie Brown was right, "Happiness is a warm puppy." Though she is almost 10 years old.
All residents of Middle Earth rejoice!

The Lord of the Rings is available 6th August on DVD and VHS.
I caught a few snipets of Phil Donahue's "townhall meeting" with the former employees of Enron last night. Up on the stage with Phil to help him feel those benighted workers pain was leftist presidential candidate Ralph Nader, leftist columnist Molly Ivins, and some Clint Howard look-a-like from the New York Times (but he had a mustache....that must mean he's Evil Clint! Surely you episode of Star Trek where Capt. Kirk is zapped into the "Evil Universe" where there was a evil Spock...with a mustache?) Couldn't they have invited conservative economist Larry Kudlow who is on another show on MSNBC to add a little, oh what's the word I'm looking for? Ah! Intelligence.
Robert Kuttner serves up a heaping pile of socialism in the American Prospect. But, fortunately, Dr. Thomas Sowell cooks up something better.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Mineta reverses stand on armed-pilot issue

In a dramatic turnaround, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has ordered the new head of the Transportation Security Administration to study options for arming the nation's 70,000 commercial pilots with "lethal force" capabilities.

"It is under discussion in terms of should we take another approach," Mineta told the House Transportation Committee's aviation subcommittee during testimony on Tuesday. "I have asked [TSA Administrator James Loy] to take a look at this to see whether or not there is some alternative, even if it is lethal weapons."

There's some molecule of hope for Underperformin' Norman, it seems.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Why I love Tennessee (and the South in general)
Patrick's First Voting Experience

Hightailed to the Election Commission building yesterday to vote in the primary. Tennesse allows voters to, well, vote early from 12th July to the 27th in the primary elections. You can cast your ballot on the actual primary date of 1st August, but why wait? I headed downtown to the EC building, located in a former shopper center along with the public library, county clerk's office, career center, and other sundry local gub'mint offices.

At the front desk was a very nice eldery woman to whom I showed my registration card. She asked which party that I would vote in. "Republican," I said with a whiff of pride. After she typed a few buttons on her computer, she handed me a form to sign that was spat out by the printer. I placed my John Hancock on the paper and walked around down to the voting machines as she instructed. I was greeted my a older gentleman who demanded in a German accent, "Vhere ar your papers!" Just kidding, he was in fact very polite. He examined my paper and said, "Just ahead on down to number nine," referring to a polling machine. Waiting there was another sweet lady of somewhat advanced years, ready to help me. I handed her my handy dandy form which she loaded into the back of the mechanism. And then, I entered the booth. The interface was an elegantly simple large touchpad. Red blinking lights indicated those races I was allowed to vote in.

Senate? Ed Bryant, baby. Governor? Van Hilleary (no, not the former Philander-in-Chief's wife) U.S. Representative? Marsha Blackburn, endorsed by the Club for Growth . State Representative? Mr. Cross. I can't remember his first name, but I think he'd be better than that pro-income tax incumbent Democrat, Tommy Head. "But, Patrick," a few of you might be asking, "Why did you vote for somebody whose first name you can't remember?" Real simple. You see, when I drive into town, I pass by a pumpkin farm not far from my house. By its owner's mailbox are campaign signs for Bryant, Hilleary, and Blackburn. Also amongst them is a sign reading " Cross, An Anti-Income Tax Republican." Since the farmers have impecible electoral taste in their first three signs, I reckon I could trust that same taste in deciding to vote for Cross.

Okay, back my picks. State Senator? Not up for election until 2004. County Executive? Doug Weiland who has been a good steward of local tax money. Up on the ballot as well was a proposed $20 increase in the county's education tax that is included with the car tag fee. If passed the car tags will cost $74.50 instead of the current $54.50. Of course, it's "for the children." Guess how I voted.

With all my choices made, I pressed the big green "VOTE" button to finish. I had now just voted for the first time in my life, and to tell the truth, I walked out with an extra bounce in my step. I sincerely hope that I will always have that little bounce after performing my civic duty.
Well, shazam!

The Dow is up nearly 500 points, much to the dismay of Gephardt, Daschle, and their various minions.

UPDATE: According to CNN, this is the 2nd highest point gain in the history of the Dow.
Vote on House Resolution 495. The resolution calls for the explusion of Rep. James Traficant (D-OH)
420 yeas, 1 nay, 9 present

Monday, July 22, 2002

A Dose of Levity

"Amish Paradise"
by Weird Al Yankovic

As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain
I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain
But that's just perfect for an Amish like me
You know I shun fancy things like electricity
At 4:30 in the morning I'm milkin' cows
Jebediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows... fool
And I've been milkin' and plowin' so long that
Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone
I'm a man of the land, I'm into discipline
Got a Bible in my hand and a beard on my chin
But if I finish all of my chores and you finish thine
Then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish paradise
I've churned butter once or twice
Living in an Amish paradise
It's hard work and sacrifice
Living in an Amish paradise
We sell quilts at a discount price
Living in an Amish paradise

A local boy kicked me in the butt last week
I just smiled at him and I turned the other cheek
I really don't care, in fact I wish him well
'Cause I'll be laughing my head off when he's burning in Hell
But I ain't never punched a tourist even if he deserved it
An Amish with a 'tude?
You know that's unheard of
I never wear buttons but I got a cool hat
And my homies agree
I really look good in black... fool
If you come to visit, you'll be bored to tears
We haven't even paid the phone bill in 300 years
But we ain't really quaint, so please don't point and stare
We're just technologically impaired

There's no phone, no lights, no motorcar
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe
It's as primitive as can be

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish Paradise
We're just plain and simple guys
Living in an Amish Paradise
There's no time for sin and vice
Living in an Amish Paradise
We don't fight, we all play nice
Living in an Amish Paradise

Hitchin' up the buggy, churnin' lots of butter
Raised a barn on Monday, soon I'll raise anutter
Think you're really righteous?
Think you're pure in heart?
Well, I know I'm a million time as humble as thou art
I'm the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like
On my knees day and night scorin' points for the afterlife
So don't be vain and don't be whiny
Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your heinie

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish Paradise
We're all crazy Mennonites
Living in an Amish Paradise
There's no cops or traffic lights
Living in an Amish Paradise
But you'd probably think it bites
Living in an Amish Paradise

An Afterthought...

If Steve Earle actually is earnestly praising Johhny bin Walker, he'll definitely take a great deal of heat for it. When the criticism starts, how long will it be before we hear the Moronic-Left screaming that Earle's right to dissent is being squashed?
Is He an Idiotarian? Maybe or Maybe Not.

The Midwest Conservative Journal links to this story reporting that alt-country musician Steve "Copperhead Road" Earle has recorded a song that honors John Walker Lindh. The lovely little ditty, "John Walker's Blues," features Arabic chants and describes the US as "the land of the infidel." Also, according to Earle's song the American Taliban shall "rise up to the sky like Jesus." Now here's the question we need to ask: Is he being satirical or serious? Keep in mind Randy Newman's song "Short People," which featured the lyrics "Short people got no reason to live" and "I don't want short people hanging around me" (I'm quoting these from memory, so if I'm a little off, please forgive me.) Newman wasn't promoting hatred against midgets, excuse me, little people, in fact, the song was intended to make a point against prejudice in general. Though some "little people" organizations protested against Newman's song, not getting the joke. It is possible that Earle is lampooning or at least not endorsing the All-American Jihadist Next Door and Saudi Arabia's Most Infamous Terrorist.

Ramesh Ponneru agrees with me to a degree. He mentions that Earle is indeed a "tedious left-winger," which is something I didn't know. Ponneru goes on to state that "I haven't seen all the lyrics--and neither have most of the critics--but it looks like an attempt to enter Lindh's head rather than an endorsement of its contents."

So, let's wait until we have the actual lyrics available and then we can respond appropriately.

Blog Watch

Robert Bauer, aka HokiePundit, feels somewhat betrayal by the Anglican Church.

Lee Ann over at the Spinsters lays out some more thoughts on "granola conservatism"

Can HAL (you know, the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) be a born again Christian? Read this by Mark Byron to find out.

Mark Butterworth writes an empassionated and moving piece concerning the use of embryos in finding cures and treatments

Fellow Delta Entente member Clay Waters pens a delightful bashing of French culture over at the American Enterprise.
Another Chocolate Elephant

Yvonne Brown, the mayor of a small Mississippi Delta town called Tchula, is profiled by Donald Adderton, editor of the Delta Democrat Times. What's so special about her? She's the first black woman Republican mayor in the country. And how can you not love a woman with this views?:

"First of all, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not speak for me," Brown said. "Black people need to look at the issue, rather than whether it's a black issue."
Earlier this year, she was one of the few strident black voices who supported the embattled nomination of U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering for a seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Because Brown is an obvious independent thinker, she is certainly not the darling of the black leadership. She is opposed to abortion, quotas and set asides, affirmative action, slavery reparations and continued government entitlements.

Ward Connerly ably argues the increasing irrevelance to the NAACP.

Need further proof? Then just read this story from the AP.

Friday, July 19, 2002

From the London Telegraph

"Coulter's approach is not so much take no prisoners as capture one's opponents, string them up with piano wire, machine-gun them until all movement has ceased and then fire a celebratory volley into the air."

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Mississippi News

Mississippi executed it's first prisoner in nearly 13 years this evening.
Tracy Alan Hansen was convicted of shooting a state trooper who had pulled him over. He's the first individual to die by lethal injection in Mississippi. While I can't revel in the exstinguishing of a human life, I do feel glad that justice has been served.

Former MS GOP chairman Mike Retzer has been selected to become the next national treasurer for the RNC.
RNC chairman Mark "Human Rights Campaign Approved" Racicot named Retzer to handle all the GOP's flithy lucre.

Retzer's appointment is expected to be ratified Friday, said Steve Guyton, a state GOP staffer.
"He's a moderate, progressive Republican who's brought a lot of minorities into the party," he said.

Great another moderate on the national scene. Now, don't get me wrong, I applaud Retzer's effort in attracting minority voters to the GOP, but..........I just don't like moderates. Yep, I'm that petty. On a side note, Mr. Retzer is also the owner of several McDonald's. I wonder if a lefty French farmer (redundant, I know) has assaulted his restaurants yet.

UPDATE: Actually, I apologize for the above statements about Mr. Retzer. His name seemed familiar to me and now I remember. Mr. Retzer owns McDonald's restaurants in Greenville, MS, and my grandparents have supplied eggs (they owe an egg farm) to his stores for years. He's a good fellow...even if he is a moderate. Come to think of it, it's not like he is running for public office.

State Auditor Phil Bryant says he's not interested in running the 2003 MS Governor's race. This leaves former RNC chairman Haley Barbour and Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall as the current contenders on the Republican side. Actually, Barbour has been pretty coy, saying that he's thinking about it, but won't say for sure at least for a least few months. Dick Hall doesn't seem to stand much of a chance in the primary, let alone the general election. Key reason: his name sounds like a title for a porn movie. But hey, I could be wrong. After all, Pat Cox managed to become President of the European Parliament.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Monday, July 15, 2002

Quote o' the Day

"I am militantly anti-Birkenstock. If you can afford to shell out eighty bucks for the world’s ugliest footwear, you should be smart enough not to."

--Lee Ann of The Spinsters, concerning Rod Dreher's NRO column on "granola conservatives"
More Irriating than Listening to Paul Begala Speak

For those of you who are new or haven't been paying attention, I'm working at a bagel shop for the summer. And I would like to share with the group one of my pet peeves concerning customers:

Me: "Sir [or ma'am], would you like your bagel heated or toasted?"

Customer: "Yes."

Just a Reminder

Sign in at my map guestbook gizmo at the bottom of the page!
While we are on the subject of Congressional races...

In a TV campaign ad, State Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Brentwood), running for the Tennessee 7th District (my district) started a sentence this way: "As your congressman..." Not "As your congressperson" or even the non-objectionable "As your congresswoman..." but "As your congressman..." In this era of PC, this is quite a refreshment.
Chocolate Elephants

John Fund pens a report on the chances of Joe Holland, black Republican running for Congress in New York City.

No doubt many Republicans will pour money into Mr. Holland's candidacy between now and November even though he is an underdog. Some of that will stem from a desire to avoid media catcalls about losing the only black member of the House GOP caucus. There certainly is a double standard involved. In 1995, there were no stories about the lack of "diversity" among Democrats when the only American Indian in Congress, Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado, switched parties and joined the Republicans. He even blasted his old party for only paying "lip service" to the interests of Indians. There were only yawns from the media. .

Mr Fund also writes a short paragraph about other black Republicans running for the U.S. House this year. However, much to my consternation, he leaves out Clinton LeSueur who is battling against incumbent Democrat and all around racial demagogue Bennie Thompson in the 3rd District in MS.

I even thought of a campaign slogan for him: "LeSueur 2002: A Clinton you won't feel ashamed in voting for."
Iraqis told to prepare for war.

A few tasty nuggets:

"Regarding the defence of the dignity and the interests of the nation, there is no flexibility. We will cut off the head of whomever lays their hands on the borders of Iraq," [Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji] Sabri said. That will be a little hard to do with your army surrendering in huge droves like last time.

Parliament will also send delegations to Arab and Islamic countries as part of an information campaign on the US threats, which represent a "violation of the UN charter," Salem al-Qubaissi, head of the Iraqi parliament's committee for Arab and international affairs told AFP. Violation of the UN charter??? Y'all didn't care one wit about violating the the UN charter when y'all invaded Kuwait, did ya?. Oh, I get it now; y'all cherish the charter now because you're the ones in Uncle Sam's crosshairs. Silly me.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

While we are on the topic...

Do you wonder why Farrakhan is called "Calypso Louie?" Well, here's the simple explanation. During the 1950s America's favorite reverse Klansman was indeed a Calypso singer, under the name "The Charmer." Thankfully, this website has full streaming audio of some of his songs. Perhaps the most stand out of these is "If She Is or Is She Ain't," a song about woman who used to be a man (no, it's not about Janet Reno).
Calypso Louie supports Mad Bobby's land grab

HARARE (Reuters) - U.S. radical black leader Louis Farrakhan, on a three-day visit to Zimbabwe, gave his backing to President Robert Mugabe's land seizure campaign, state media reported on Saturday.

Birds of a feather...

Farrakhan, who has led a Chicago-based Muslim movement called Nation of Islam since the 1970s, was due to meet Mugabe on Saturday after arriving in Harare on Friday.

"Speaking soon after his arrival...Mr. Farrakhan said he was in full support of President Mugabe's policies, especially the land issue as it was aimed at correcting a historical injustice," the state-owned Bulawayo Chronicle said in a report.

And how is Mugabe "correcting a historical injustice"? Why, by creating a present one, of course!

The Zimbabwean government is pressing on with its seizures of white-owned farms despite criticism that the drive is worsening a severe food crisis in the southern African state. Nearly 3,000 white farmers have been ordered to vacate their farms by August 10 to make way for land-less blacks.

Most of these land-less blacks don't have the skills or equipment to efficiently cultivate the farmland. However, they are supporters of Mugabe and that is all that matters to His Brutishness. In fact, many blacks have been gainfully employed through years by the white farmers as farm hands. Without them, the farms would have never been a success, capable of growing huge amounts of corn among other crops. So, Mugabe's land grab harms blacks as much as it does the whites.

Eleven white farmers have been killed and thousands of farm workers assaulted and displaced since invasions of white-owned farms by pro-government militants began more than two years ago.

Mugabe, who is accused by the opposition and many Western powers of cheating in presidential polls in March, says the land program is an effort to correct imbalances in land ownership created by British colonialism.

"But these pesky farmers have the silly notion of private property rights. That just gets in the way of my pursuit of power and personal enrichment, uh I mean, it prevents the people from receiving justice for the wrongs wraught by the evil white men. Whew, I almost messed up there, didn't I?"

White farmers say they support land redistribution, but are opposed to the methods employed by Mugabe, who has ruled the former Rhodesia since independence in 1980.

Yeah, people generally don't like to be whipped, beaten, or shot.

Farrakhan, who attended the launch of the new African Union (AU) in the South African resort of Durban last week, has visited Zimbabwe before.

But the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp (ZBC) said on Saturday this trip showed that Mugabe's government was not isolated.

"Western powers, including the United States and former colonial master Britain, are desperately trying to portray the Zimbabwe government as isolated," the ZBC said.

Perhaps a bit of clarification is needed. Zimbabwe is isolated from sane, rational people. Ah, the ZBC, whose slogan is "It's true if we say it's true."

The U.S. and the European Union have imposed travel restrictions on Mugabe and other senior ruling party officials since his controversial re-election in March.

Mugabe attended the AU summit last week, but Zimbabwe was not on the official agenda and Mugabe did not give a speech during the launch of the new pan-African group, which replaced the Organization for African Unity (OAU).

Farrakhan, who once called Judaism a "gutter religion" and said Adolf Hitler was a "wickedly great man," was banned from Britain in 1986 for expressing racist and anti-Semitic views. The ban was upheld in a British high court in April.

I do cherish the idea that one of our allies has out-right banned him.
The ever indispensible Dave Shiflett provides at well written article on the latest in the Great Tennessee Tax Revolt.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Another Simpsons Goodie

In a mayoral debate, Mayor Quimby is asked by Rush Limbaugh parody Birch Barlow the following:

Barlow: Mayor Quimby, you're well-known, sir, for your lenient stance on crime. But suppose for a second that your house was ransacked by thugs, your family tied up in the basement with socks in their mouths, you try to open the door but there's too much blood on the knob --

Quimby: What is your question?

Barlow: My question is about the budget, sir.
Mark Joseph comments on Christian rock band Jars of Clay.
The AP has a quick rundown of selected Governor's races. Problems with states' budgets seem to be the major threat to current incumbents, many of 'em Democrats.

Check out this sentence from the paragraph on TN:

Republican Gov. Don Sundquist has struggled with a budget deficit that has caused a temporary government shutdown and a tax increase.

What was the cause of the deficit? The legislature spending money like inebriated naval personnel.

And granted, there is only so much space in this article, but you think the writer could have mentioned Dandy Don's push for a state income tax.
"No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it."
--Sideshow Bob

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

HokiePundit has a list of advice for incoming college freshmen, some of it specific to Virginia Tech, but most of it applicable anywhere. If y'all don't mind, I'll give some wisdom for soon-to-be Rebels.

1. When you eat at Abner's, have your chicken tenders grilled not fried.
2. Always get a copy of the DM in the morning before to go to class; the crossword puzzle will keep you awake for a least 20 minutes.
3. Try not to run over the numerous sorority power-walkers with your car.
4. Try not to run off the road while watching the numerous sorority power-walkers.
5. Professors are humans, too....well, most of them.
6. Just because you want to play a Kid Rock album with your stereo's speakers at full blast at 3 AM does not mean that everybody else in your dorm or apartment building wants to hear it.
7. Don't feel bad if you don't understand an Allan Innman cartoon, most people can't, either.
8. Learn "Hoddy Toddy"
9. You will soon develop an intense hatred for State fans' cowbells.
10. Get the "Rebelvision" extended cable package. That, along with the basic service that comes with the dorm room, should give you a nice variety of channels. And it will give you Fox News Channel.
11. Don't listen to Rebel Radio (WUMS 92.1 FM) during the day on Saturday and Sunday. It's mostly junk.
12. Buy a small can of WD-40, it will come in handy many times.
13. Have an extra thing of ink for your printer. The one in it will go dry at the most inopportune time.
If your looking for some info on the whole Harken-Bush nonscandal, just read Byron York's piece at NRO
My Current Reading List

The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

Race and Culture by Dr. Thomas Sowell

See, I Told You So by Rush Limbaugh

The End of Racism by Dinesh D'Souza

Absolute Power by David Limbaugh
Lots of good stuff at David Horowitz's revamped Frontpage Magazine today.

Monday, July 08, 2002

2 Degrees of Separation of President Bush

As hard as it is to believe, there are only two degrees of separation between myself and President George W. Bush. Here we go:

First, there's myself.
Second, there's Nic Lott, a Republican, the 1st black president of the Ole Miss Associated Student Body, and my RA during my freshman year on the 6th floor of Stockard Hall. In 2000, he attend the Republican convention where he was on stage with, you guessed it, Senor Dubya himself.

Now that I look at the picture more closely, that's Ben Stein to this left.


Any time I would use the abbreviation "OMC" in reference to this site or e-mails, I always had a weird deja vu feeling. "I've seen these initials before somewhere else, but where?" Finally, it hit me. OMC (Otara Millionaires Club) is the name of the band (actually it's just one man, Paulie Fuemana ) that had the hit song "How Bizarre."

Maybe he won't sue.
Phil Donahue, in a promo for his new show

"Remember me?"

Yes, unforunately...
Father Knows Best

The daughter and ex-wife of atheist Michael Newdow, filer of the suit that led to the Ninth Circuit Court's intelligence-free decision, are actually conservative Christians. This is quite interesting since the basis of Mr. Newdow's suit was that the phrase "under God" injured his daugther.

Fox News quotes Newdow, "This is more about me than her. I'd like to keep her out of this."

"This is ...about me." Ah, the creed of the atheist.

[via Midwest Conservative Journal]
New Blog Alert

Geitner Simmon, an editor writer for the Omaha World-Herald, has caught the blogging bug and created "Regions of Mind." I highly recommend his post on the Spanish-American War and how it helped reunify the US. It reminds me of a short piece of dialog in the TNT made-for-TV movie Rough Riders. A train carrying volunteers to Florida bound for Cuba passes a station in Biloxi, MS. Among the flag waving crowd greeting the train, is a little boy with his Confederate-uniformed grandfather. He asks, "Grandpaw, are those Yankees in the blue uniforms?" "No, son, those are Americans."

[via Zonitics]

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Fellow blogger Mark Byron is resigning his bachelorhood. Congratulations, mi amigo!
You iz an Idiot

"We Wuz Robbed," Spike Lee's contribution to a Showtime movie consisting of 10-minute shorts on the interpretation of time, shows the 10 minutes when Algore decides to challenge the 2000 Presidential vote in Florida. And, prepare to be stunned, Spike's film is rather sympathetic to the Clinton Veep. Spike, get over it, please.

Just an Aside: The BBC article that I linked to has a picture of Lee and the caption, "Spike Lee focused on the 2001 presidential election." It seems the BBC has its own sense of time.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

Okay, so there's only three hours of it remaining...
Three days of partial gov'ment shutdown are at an end due to the passage of a bill that will increase the state portion of the sales tax in Tennessee to 7%. Tennessee allows local governments to add a "local sales tax" that goes directly to the local government. With the local option added to it, the sales tax will be 9.5% and as high as 9.75% in some places. All "non-esstential" state workers were put on furloung. That's a great boost to your ego, "Yeah, don't come in tomorrow; you're not all that important. We can manage without you." Of course, if they are non-esstential, why are they on the public payroll in the first place?

Now that the government is a full strength again, all the looting, pillaging and general chaos can now end (snicker, snicker, snicker). But, the bright side is that the income tax has been beaten back for at least until next year. And by then, we should have some fresh faces in the legislature and in the governorship.

"Many people say the sales tax is the fairest tax there is, but the sales tax hammers the folks — the women, single parents, those not as blessed as you and I are," Democratic Sen. Roy Herron ( news, bio, voting record), an income tax supporter, told his colleagues.

Well, bud, if you !@#$%%^'s in the legislature could have cut the huge globs of fat in the budget (i.e. $9 million for new frat houses at Middle Tennessee State U.) we wouldn't did to hike the sales tax or impose an income tax, now would we?

UPDATE: Mark Byron expresses similar sentiments.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

A quote from Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal, received via e-mail from Brian Perry, editor of Magnolia Report:

.......Blogging. The 24-7 opinion sites that offer free speech at its straightest, truest, wildest, most uncensored, most thoughtful, most strange. Thousands of independent information entrepreneurs are informing, arguing, adding information. Imagine if we'd had them in 1776: "As I wrote in yesterday's lead item on, my well meaning cousin John continues his grammatical nitpicking with Jefferson (link requires registration) 'Inalienable,' 'unalienable,' whatever. Boys, let's fight. Start the war." Blogs may one hard day become clearinghouses for civil support and information when other lines, under new pressure, break down.......
From WorldNetDaily: Israel now has ICBM missile capability

The missile is believed by the US to have a range of over 2,000 miles with a 1 ton payload. Makes you want to think twice about attacking Israel, doesn't it? hmmmm, Saddam?
Ben Domenech links to this AP story on the Tennessee Senate primary race. On the Republican side, there's former governor Plaid Man, er, Lamar Alexander and Representative Ed Bryant of the 7th District (which is my district, by the way). I intend to vote for Bryant since he is a geniune conservative and besides, Governor Sundquist, the Republican who has been trying for the last 2 years to enact an income tax, has endorsed Alexander. 'nuff said.
Check out the 3rd July "Get Fuzzy" comic strip [via NRO's The Corner]

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Good article from the National Post on the conventional wisdom about left-handedness.

Did I mention that I am left-handed too? Is it inconvenient? At times, it can, especially when you are dealing with a stupid manual can opener. Writting in pencil is problematic as well. If you are writting with your left hand, the pencil lead from the words you wrote smear against the side of your hand.

I used to think the reason why I was so late in learning how to tie my shoes was because that there was nobody to show me how to do it "left-handedly." Yet, a left-handed cousin of mine who is several years younger than myself mastered shoe-tying at the same age as the right-handed kids. I guess I'm just slow. :-)

So now ends my whining.

Ann Coulter responds to critics of her new book.

picture courtesy of
Israeli protest groups hand out "CNN Lies" stickers

I knew there was a reason I liked the Israelis. However, are they now just realizing this?
Go check out the Theology Department of the University of Blogistan, and not just because yours truly posts there.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Employment Opportunities for Left Leaning Judges

Many columnists and bloggers have commented that the Ninth Circuit Court's idiotic decision on the Pledge is manna, so to speak, for the Republican Party and especially for President Bush. You see, Bush wants to appoint judges who do not believe that the meanings in the Constitution change over time; a living, breathing Constitution if you will. Of course, the Democrat controlled Senate is in no dang hurry to okay judges who do not believe the judicial branch has no legislative power. So, with the decision, he can make the case that his nominees need to be approved immediately in order to combat this sort of liberal legal nonsense.

Now here's an idea. Let's take at the liberal activist judges off the bench and put them on an more important task: finding Osama bin Laden and his latcheys. After all, if these judges can discover all sorts of meanings in the Constitution (i.e the right to privacy discovered in Roe v. Wade) hidden for around 200 years, they should be able to locate al-Qaida members lickety-split.