Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Mississippi News

Mississippi executed it's first prisoner in nearly 13 years this evening.
Tracy Alan Hansen was convicted of shooting a state trooper who had pulled him over. He's the first individual to die by lethal injection in Mississippi. While I can't revel in the exstinguishing of a human life, I do feel glad that justice has been served.

Former MS GOP chairman Mike Retzer has been selected to become the next national treasurer for the RNC.
RNC chairman Mark "Human Rights Campaign Approved" Racicot named Retzer to handle all the GOP's flithy lucre.

Retzer's appointment is expected to be ratified Friday, said Steve Guyton, a state GOP staffer.
"He's a moderate, progressive Republican who's brought a lot of minorities into the party," he said.

Great another moderate on the national scene. Now, don't get me wrong, I applaud Retzer's effort in attracting minority voters to the GOP, but..........I just don't like moderates. Yep, I'm that petty. On a side note, Mr. Retzer is also the owner of several McDonald's. I wonder if a lefty French farmer (redundant, I know) has assaulted his restaurants yet.

UPDATE: Actually, I apologize for the above statements about Mr. Retzer. His name seemed familiar to me and now I remember. Mr. Retzer owns McDonald's restaurants in Greenville, MS, and my grandparents have supplied eggs (they owe an egg farm) to his stores for years. He's a good fellow...even if he is a moderate. Come to think of it, it's not like he is running for public office.

State Auditor Phil Bryant says he's not interested in running the 2003 MS Governor's race. This leaves former RNC chairman Haley Barbour and Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall as the current contenders on the Republican side. Actually, Barbour has been pretty coy, saying that he's thinking about it, but won't say for sure at least for a least few months. Dick Hall doesn't seem to stand much of a chance in the primary, let alone the general election. Key reason: his name sounds like a title for a porn movie. But hey, I could be wrong. After all, Pat Cox managed to become President of the European Parliament.