Friday, January 09, 2004

29th Senate District

On Tuesday, members of the state legislature were sworn into office, except for Dewayne Thomas. You see, the election results from the 29th Senate District are being disputed by Richard White, the incumbent Republican who lost to Thomas by 104 votes according to the results certified by the Hinds County election officials. Apparently there were problems in 2 precincts (ballots being left unattended for several hours) and now a Senate committee appointed by Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck will have to decide to award the seat to Thomas, White, or call for a re-election. A revote seems the best way to go, since it will avoid the "stolen election" charge from opponents of the candidate the committee sides with. Or we can go with Mr. Ramesy's suggestion.

By the way, doesn't Thomas look like Gomez from The Addams Family?

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