Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"The Hawkeye Cauci"

The citizens of Iowa can now watch TV without seeing campaign ads for the Democrat candidates at every commercial break for the last few months.

The cauci (or caucuses, if you prefer) results were rather interesting to say the least. I was somewhat surprised that John "Effing" Kerry and John "Breck Girl" Edwards came in first and second, respectively. Kerry had been the front runner back this time last year, but recently it seemed that his campaign had all but collapsed due to the Dean Machine (back the former VT gov. in a sec.)

I also thought that Edwards didn't have a chance in Iowa; he was hyped up as the Second Coming of Bill Clinton Without the Sex Scandals several months ago, but he hadn't had any real media attention since. I guess I shouldn't have been blindsided, he got to be a multi-millionaire trial lawyer by convincing jurors to see things his way. That's a talent that transfers very easily in convincing voters to support you.

Then there's Mr. Dean who finished a disappointing, to his supporters at any rate, third place. Those little linguistic snafus add up after a time, I reckon. His "victory" speech on Monday night was truly a sight to behold. I wouldn't want him any where near the nuclear "Button."

Poor, poor Mr. Gephardt. He pinned all his hopes and money on Iowa and won only a distant fourth. He announced today his departure from the race. Labor union support just ain't like it used to be.

Kucinich won a heaping pot of jack squat, shocking no one.

Clark, Lieberman, and Sharpton didn't waste their time with Iowa and are instead focusing on the New Hampshire primary.

Also of note, David Hogberg peeks in on a Democrat caucus.

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