Sunday, January 18, 2004

Some Observations

Barbour's picks for state department head don't meet Bill Minor's racial quotas.

The saga of the 29th state senate district's disputed returns continues as the 5-member senate committee hears arguments.

Former Gov. Musgrove is set to teach a few political science courses at my (and his) alma mater. Mr. Ramsey shows what the ex-gov. will teach (Sunday's cartoon).

Goodness gracious, the editorial board of the Daily Mississippian (Ole Miss's student newspaper) rip into Bush for visiting Martin Luther King's tomb last week. Expect a severe fisking by me shortly (I hope).

If you have been looking for a website the will transcribe English to Tengwar, the script invented by JRR Tolkien that he used for Elvish langauages, look no more. If you want to learn more about Tengwar, check out this site and it's links

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