Friday, January 16, 2004


Did you know that there's a blog devoted to people who's last name is Carver? It's basically a neat genealogical site who's proprietor, Nancy, was kind enough to link my blog.

Here's a brand spanking new site called "Tin Foil Hat" that aims to generally mock and tease fringe websites. Another reason why TFH rocks is that it links to moi.

I received a couple of e-mails from two interesting people. First, there's Mr. Jim McCarthy, a South Carolinan exiled in the People's Republic of California, who writes a wonderful regular column, called Letter from California, for SC newspapers. Hopefully, his good sense will rub off on the Golden Staters (they could seriously use some). Secondly, for those that are politicial junkies like me (I can quit any time! I swear!), "The Blogger Caesar" has a site that analyzes polling data from around the country in order to predict how the Electoral College will go. Currently, according to the his numbers, Bush is sitting pretty.

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