Saturday, January 17, 2004

DC Voting Rights

Dr. Chris writes at some length on the issue of Washington, DC, voting rights and details the problems on a proposed solution that would basically give DC back to Maryland, as far as voting was concerned.

Voting rights advocates in DC ulitize the Revolutionary War slogan "No Taxation Without Representation" to show that they don't have real representation in Congress, i.e. no Senators and just one not-voting delegate, but they still have to pay federal taxes like citizens in other states. Here's my solution (though I'm by no means the first to come up with it): Make DC a federal tax haven. Residents of the district wouldn't have to pay federal income taxes and the like. That'll be a significant boon to a city that doesn't perform well economically. Individuals and businesses would be attracted to such a haven and as a result of increased emigration, local tax revenue would go up without raising local tax rates. Of course, I strongly suspect that the leftists that make up a bulk of the DC voting rights movement would balk at the suggestion.

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