Friday, January 16, 2004

A Few Thoughts

Former Illinois Senator Carolyn Mosley-Braun has dropped out of the Presidential race and is backing Howard Dean. I suspect all 4 of her supporters are disappointed.

Mark at Not Quite Tea and Crumpets points out this new quiz that compares your political beliefs with President Bush and the 8 Democrat Dwarves. Here's how I did:

Bush: 100%
Lieberman: 43%
Edwards: 32%
Dean: 29%
Clark: 29%
Kerry: 28%
Gephardt: 22%
Sharpton: 20%
Kucinich: 11%

I not surprised that Lieberman was the Democrat that I matched best; he's the only one in that field of Donkeys with some sense. What scares me is that I got a 20% match with Sharpton. Yikes!

Pres. Bush recess appointed Charles Pickering of Mississippi to the 5th Circuit Court after the Dem's have stalled his confirmation for 2 years. Note that if you testified against the Klan in a trial in 1967 Mississippi, that won't prevent national-level Democrats from calling you "racially insensitive."

Daschle is quoted from a few years ago on the matter of Pickering's nomination:
"You look through his history, not only as a judge, but as a state legislator and in many other capacities, George, and there is no question, his insensitivity to civil rights, to equal rights, especially to minorities, is something that is well-documented. This man does not deserve to be in the second-highest court in the land and we're going to do everything we can to stop it."
If all of that is true, Mr. Daschle, why have you or your friends called for Pickering to be removed from the District Judge position that he's currently holding? You mean to tell me that it's okay for a District Judge to be "insensitive to civil rights," but not a Circuit Court Judge?

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